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2020: We're Planning an Awesome Year

Here's a message from Chief Spiritwater: 

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Greetings to all Clan Members and

                    Friends of the Clan of the Hawk

         This is my message to you for the end of 2019 and the beginning of a new year, 2020! In many ways, 2019 has been a very busy and wonderful year, with just a few difficulties. But the good certainly outweighed the hard times.

    We signed up a number of new members, which is great  - to keep our Clan alive and growing. Your Chief is still going on, and a lot of new ideas  have been brought to the clan. It looks like 2020 will be a great year for us.

      In 2019, we gathered, talked, danced, prayed, and did ceremonies. We shared skills and music. New Assistant Chief Justin Thunderbear brought  his beautiful flute and drum music to nearly every meeting. New Assistant Chief Stone Tree kept our fires burning. Many put in a hand to help with my personal care, and a special thanks to you all. 

     In May some of our members attended an Abenaki Cultural Event sponsored by Carol Irons.

     In June, we were invited to do a special cleansing and grand opening ritual for Greater Barton Arts Council at their new building.  

     In 2019, we made two visits to Brunswick Springs, clearing the springs and honoring Mother Earth. 

     Our 2019 August Gathering went well, with fifteen or so vendors and a lot of activities on both days. The ladies of the clan cleaned and scrubbed till every corner shined. They did an awesome job in the Welcome House and especially in the Cook Shack. When the Carlson family came to do the fish fry, they were amazed at how nice everything looked. They manned the Cook Shack for two meals, quite an undertaking!

     Gail and her crew had the museum up and running again this year, and it was laid out very nicely. Many clan members helped with that project; even Hailee and Soule Page helped to clean the Looking Glass collection!

     The men of the clan did many repairs, hauled wood, fixed our picnic tables and made one more. They did the heavy work required to keep the grounds in shape.

    In October, we had a series of Sunday teachings. We had a wonderful Harvest dinner in November. and an equally wonderful Solstice dinner in December. In October, we also had a solemn ceremony, down by the river, where we spread the ashes for our long time friend Marvin Pollard who passed several years ago.   

     Donna and Lori, our Clan Mothers have ‘everything under control,’ and will be offering new crafts, teachings and ceremonies in the coming year. 

     We have already had our share of sadness in 2020. Les Lane, one of the Clan's earliest members and a dear friend of mine is gone now. So is Everett Clifford, special friend of Justin, and a great friend of the Clan of the Hawk. We will miss them both very much. 

     On a happier note, and at long last, George Larrabee has had his Abenaki based book published and copies are now available for purchase from him!

     We had the opportunity to watch beavers build a large dam on the river behind the welcome house. Many deer and hawks visited the sacred grounds. 

    With all the help I am getting now, it seems that the clan will keep moving forward long into the future.  With our new – and younger members, this will be possible. We are planning new programs this year and it looks to be a good year.

     I want to thank everyone who has helped this year, to plan meetings and special programs, to clean the sacred grounds and to bring food for our gatherings. It is very heartwarming to me to have so many people continue to work to support the Clan.

My best to all of you,

Chief Spirit Water


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