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Notes from the Clan's New Chief Wolf Howling

Announcement of a coming event. - On February 1st Honorary Chief Spirit Water will read from his Autobiography at the Jones Memorial Library in Orleans, Vermont from 2:00 pm till 4:00 pm. Book signing, sales and "meet the author" included. Please come and support him!

Quick Note: We've just located a stack of the Waban Drum CD's - The Clan's Own Drumming CD. Click here for Purchase!

Winter Meeting Dec. 22, 2018Qwi, to all Clan of the Hawk Members and Friends of the Clan,

Please join together for a celebration of Winter Solstice to be held on Saturday 12:00 noon, December 22th at Chief Spirit Water’s home in Evansville, VT.

This is a beautiful time to come together and be with friends, to share and to receive. We will open with prayers and a brief meeting and have open talking circle for sharing and learning about this time of year and native traditions in our communities. This is what has been done in years past and we will keep the tradition, it's good medicine.

There will be a gift blanket and there will be a trade blanket. The teaching on these traditions will be given. The "gift blanket" it just that. It is tradition for the Host (that is all of us - the Clan members). Bring a small gifts (traditionally hand made and it is the value of the "teaching" and not the value of the actual gift that is the focus). When you create a gift for "giving" your intent should stay focused on your purpose, creating and giving freely without expectations. If you (like many)have little time to create at this time of year then do not worry about having it a handmade crafted gift, all gifts are precious, again it is the "giving and receiving" that is the focus here, not to mention the fun.

For those who would like to take this teaching to the second level we will also do a "trade blanket". This is exactly what it sounds like, bring an item that you wish to trade. These items do have "value" to the item. The Traders will bring items that they feel have value and they will trade for items that they feel are a "good trade" in return. Please understand that this is a lesson time with the trade blanket so keep value of your items to a minimum...once you make a trade both people should always be satisfied before parting (more good medicine).

We will be opening the meeting with prayers and song. Then there will be a brief meeting to update everyone on what is happening in the clan and to offer recognition to member's for their work at Eagle Eye Farm.

We will have an open talking Circle; a Pipe Ceremony (tobacco offerings accepted), a ceremony outside at the sacred fire (see Clan Mother for details), short teachings on the Giving blanket and Trading Blanket, and the use of sacred herbs and nature's products such as tobacco, sage, sweetgrass and cedar.

Everyone is encouraged to join in our Songs and Music making. If you have a drum, flute or other instrument, please bring it!

This is - by tradition and as always in the Clan of the Hawk, a non-alcohol event.

After the meeting and ceremony - The Feast. It is always a wonderful time, everyone is a good cook  :). Chief Spirit Water is no longer in a position to make a quantity of food. It is up to the rest of us to make our meal a full and nutritious/delicious one. So, please bring a dish to pass, and perhaps something to drink. If anyone would like to contact the Clan Mother (802-557-5780) to better plan this feast so that we have a little of everything (Vegan, Vegetarian, allergies - low sugar) just call and leave your name and I will return a call to you.

We hope to see you there, many blessings.

Honorary Chief Spirit Water
Chief Howling Wolf, Dan Duhaime (603)922-5101, 
Assistant Chief Laughing Wolf, Dave Deluca 
Clan Mother, Crowfeather (802) 557-5780

Or, for more information please call 802-754-2817 or email The address of the Clan is 123 Evansville Road, Brownington, Vermont. We are 3 miles East of 91 on Route 58. Please link this page to  your Facebook Pages. Let's make this a great gathering. 

Chief Spirit Water  

p.s. Please keep in touch!

There is a new, Member's Page - Please click on the page link  if you are a member.
If you are not a member, but would like to become one, please contact Chief Spirit Water on the Contact Us Page!

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