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Clan of the Hawk Meeting Minutes for Sunday, October 15, 2017

At 12:04 Chief opened the meeting. Dr. Ruth Moore, (Tall Standing Buffalo Woman) gave the opening blessing.

Present at the meeting: Chief Spirit Water, Dr. Ruth Moore, Stephanie Grant, Stone Tree, Patty Nolan, Bobbie Nolan, Dale Clark, Justin Deth, George Larrabee,  Sarah, Sharon Powers and Dan (Wolf Howling), Bob Page, Donna Huether and Gail Ruggles.   

Chief gave his report: There are 17 paid members. We have 11 new memberships this year. There is $210.25 in the treasury and all bills are paid. Chief welcomed new members. He said that next year’s powwow or gathering would be only one day.

Chief shared the sad news that Roberta (Bobbie Two Feathers), Clan Mother for many years was at Dartmouth Hospital on life support. She had requested that life support be terminated and it was. (It was later learned that she passed during the night on October 15th.)

Chief then spoke of Jason’s place – a sacred spot on the grounds where Jason, a young man with cystic fibrosis had lived out his last months in a small tent by the river. It had been his request to be cremated and have his ashes spread at this place and his mother honored his wishes. That is why it is now called Jason’s place. Other members of the clan have had their ashes spread there as well, and it is Roberta’s wish to have hers there too. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will have a spring ceremony there and honor her wishes.

Dr. Ruth works with Veterans and is a behavioral doctor, and medicine woman. She works with veterans in the US, Canada, Mexico and overseas as well. She works for a non-profit, 501c(3) organization. They are willing to offer the Clan of the Hawk financial support (perhaps 1500 to 2000 dollars) as a by-line of their organization, so that they can bring veterans to the Clan grounds three or four times a year. Currently their headquarters are in Millbridge, Maine. She has also proposed that we consider having a separate type of membership in the Clan of the Hawk for non-natives who wish to be associated with and supportive of the Clan, perhaps a Patron membership at fifty dollars a year.

Chief mentioned that during the past week, George Larrabee had also approached him with the very same idea, even using the word Patron Member!

Regarding the Brunswick Springs Meeting of Saturday October 14th, 2017, Chief offered the following:

 It was held at the Silvio O. Conte National Fish and Wildlife Refuge Building in Brunswick, Vermont.

¨       The meeting was about whether or not Brunswick Springs should be gated and “closed to outside influences’ whatever that may mean.

¨       About 15 people attended the meeting.

¨       Don Stevens was actually very nice and shook Chief’s hand!

¨       Penelope Newcomb was there – she gave 100,000 in blue chip stocks to buy Brunswick Springs land and have it become public land. She brought Chief to the meeting.

¨       Bruce Urie , the Land Trust Man, was there. He is involved in Vermont Land Trust applications.

¨       Brendon Whittaker, the State Rep for Essex County came in toward the end of the meeting.

¨       Vermont Legislature recognizes Brunswick Springs as a Sacred Site and there is a proposal introduced to make them tax exempt.

¨       Many afforded Chief words of respect, and thanked the Clan for keeping the springs in good, clean condition.

¨       Louise Lampman said, “You are our elder; your wishes will be observed.”

¨       Chief was told that Chief Lampman has been taken down to the springs twice recently, and is pleased by the care from the Clan of the Hawk.

¨       Many others also thanked the Clan via Chief for its work to preserve and care for the springs.

 Next planned meeting will be on May 26th, 2018 at the Chief’s house. This is just before Memorial Day. Chief thanked all who have helped during the year. Bobby asked that we say a prayer for Bobbie Two Feathers. Robert Said the prayer.

Chief said he’d be in favor of monthly meetings if clan members wanted to do it and he encouraged the membership to stay in touch with him and each other during the winter while he is in Florida. He said there is no reason we cannot meet without him present. Just keep him informed. His email and address ar on the website. Chief mentioned that Blackhawk was not at the meeting because he was back in Delaware.

In the spring, we will have elections. It is up to the membership to elect a new Chief. Robert is our War Chief. He said there is no reason our next chief can’t be a woman. Next year, Chief said he will have nothing to do with the planning of the gathering. Tom Blackhawk has asked for the position of Assistant Chief.

There was a motion on the floor to allow for a new category of membership, it was seconded and all approved. The details of this will follow later.

Chief said that at the December 4th meeting last year, there were about 30 people who came and they all wanted a 2 day powwow this summer. They promised to help and “do all the work,” and most of them didn’t even show up to participate, much less plan or do the work. That is why Chief wants a one day affair.

Chief said that the grounds are now officially closed. Water shut off and all that. Use of the grounds would be on a pay basis only, depending on services required.

Bishop Lazarus shared his feelings about being part of the clan. He said he had received lots of healing, and sense of belonging and peace, and has felt many positive changes in the three years he has been with us.

Ruth extended an invitation for members to visit her as she lives near Herring Cove Beach, and can take visitors to a Sacred Ground volcanic sand beach over the border, and that one only needs regular identification to make the trip. Contact the Chief if you want to visit. He will get in touch with Ruth for you.

 Submitted October 18, 2017

 Gail Ruggles