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If you missed the Gathering of Nations at the Clan of the Hawk, August 2nd and 3rd of 2014 you missed a wonderful weekend of family fun. All the planning paid off and every event went well and the weather was miraculously wonderful. 

There were three guest drum groups, First Light, Crystal’s Drum and the Waban Drum and they took turns bringing a “joyful noise” to the campgrounds for two days. 

From Grand Opening, to the Parade of Flags, to Closing Ceremonies, the weekend was one of the most spiritual, harmonious and entertaining celebration ever held on the Clan Grounds. 

Couples Dance, Dance for the Veterans, and the Candy Dance were among the favorites. Everyone pitched in to help keep things running smoothly. The Carlson family ran the snack bar for the weekend and supplied a terrific fish fry with all the trimmings. 

Robert Nolan, the Clan war chief oversaw the care of the grounds and the new sound system, and Assistant Chief Randy Smith was on the go the whole weekend, helping make sure the event went as planned. Stone Tree kept the sacred fire burning night and day. 

On Saturday, all the chiefs came together for a sharing of news and teachings and events of their clans. Chief Nathan Pero and Co-Chief Paul Bunnell from the Koasek Band of Thetford, VT and Chief White Cloud from Newport were there. Grandfather Phil, the head of the Bear Clan was also in attendance for the weekend. He stayed in Sharon’s wigwam that she had made. 

Saturday was capped off with a large pot luck that was shared with Native Americans and visitors alike. Pat Nolan donated a 24 pound turkey, and the table was laden with many other dishes. Chief Nathan Pero had slow cooked some moose meat over his fire and shared with all. 

Many families enjoyed a dip in the beautiful river, and picking up favorite stones from the banks and beach. Lots of folks camped on the grounds overnight. Many great gifts were awarded in the Clan raffles.

Grandfather Phil of the Bear Clan and Chief Spirit Water of the Clan of the Hawk presided over a naming ceremony on Sunday morning and several people got their new Native Names. 

The Chief Looking Glass Museum was open all weekend, and many visitors commented that they appreciated being able to see such an extensive display of Native American artifacts. Gail Ruggles was acting curator for the weekend, greeting visitors and telling stories of the museum’s holdings. 

Sunday afternoon Feather the Wonder dog led the Second Annual Pet Parade, followed by an Irish Wolfhound, a couple of Chihuahuas, a German Shepherd that took commands in three languages, a golden Labrador, and several other dogs. A young girl in the parade had two silky, fluffy chickens in her arms. Everyone had fun and each participant, animal and human, got a prize. 

With rain having been predicted for Saturday and Sunday, the fact that it remained dry and sunny the whole weekend was a definite plus. 

I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the Gathering of Nations at the Grounds of the Clan of the Hawk such an overwhelming success. 

To you all, and especially to the members of the Clan, this may be our last formal Gathering ever, as my health is declining and I no longer have the stamina to put on such an event. Thank you again, all who helped make this a most memorable and wonderful Gathering.


Chief Spirit Water