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2018 Clan Gathering

The 29th Annual Gathering of the Clan of the Hawk was a Great Success

The Clan of the Hawk was blessed with blue skies and nice weather on Saturday, August 4, 2018. By the time visitors started arriving at the Gathering, the rain of the morning had dissipated and the day was one of music and friendship.

First Light Drum was the drumming group that held the crowds attention as they played for the grand entry, the community dance and for a solemn ceremony which honored the passing of Clan Mother Bobbie “Two Feathers” Noyes.

The new Clan Mother, Donna “Crow Feather” Huether worked tirelessly throughout the day, smudging people who entered the Sacred Circle, sharing Native traditions with visitors and keeping the festivities going as planned.

The grounds were groomed to perfection by Stone Tree and his crew of Clan volunteers. Justin “Thunderbear” Deth opened the day with “Amazing Grace” on the Flute and performed throughout the day. His haunting melodies lent a sweet and somber air to the gathering.

Chief Spirit Water, a newly published author, had sample copies of his book “The Autobiography of Ralph Skinner Swett” at the Gathering and many people ordered an autographed copy. They are now available directly from Ralph (Chief Spirit Water) or on Amazon!

At the annual Naming Ceremony, almost twenty people sat in individual private conversations with Chief Spirit Water and one of his assistant chiefs, Dave “Laughing Wolf” Deluca, and received a new native name.

The Carlson family came all the way from Essex Junction and once again supported their clan by providing a delicious, local-caught fish fry for the day. All proceeds were donated to the Clan!

Assistant chiefs Dan “Wolf Howling” Duhaime and Laughing Wolf built a traditional sweat lodge earlier in the week and Wolf Howling presided over a ‘sweat’ that many young men participated in.

Feather the Wonder Dog, Chief’s longtime companion, led the 4th Annual pet parade. This year it had a large variety of dogs and a baby goat! Prizes were seashells from Chief’s travels to Key West Florida this past winter.

Folks came from several states and many towns to share this special day. A group of young women from Lyndon State College attended, and they hailed from many states. Despite the threat of thunderstorms, it was clear, warm and sunny all the way through the Candy Dance at the end of the day, and the Gathering was a great success.