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2019-04-27 Minutes

Clan of the Hawk Meeting April 27th, 2019 (with corrections noted) 

Acting Chief Dan Wolf Howling and Honorary Chief Spirit Water “Co-chaired” the meeting. It was called to order at 10:30 am. Justin said the opening prayer. Dan welcomed a new member, Brian Dubeau.

Everyone was asked to sign in and those in attendance were: Ralph Swett/ Honorary Chief Spirit Water, Dan Duhaime / Acting Chief Wolf Howling Brad Carlson, Lisa Carlson, Dale Clark, Justin Deth, Brian Dubeau, Robert Hilbern, Donna Huether, Carol Irons, Lana Jerome, Gail Johnson, Maura Mooney Kelley, Eilis Mooney, Rita Koch, George Larrabee, Phyllis Larrabee, Jacque Lavie, Manon Mercier, Robert Page, Bonnie Page, Lori Ronander, Stone Tree, Gail Ruggles, Michael Wellhoff and others.

Per request, Gail read the press release from the last gathering of the Clan, October 20th. Then Justin played a song on the flute.

The question was raised if people wanted to have meetings on Saturdays or Sundays. Chief Dan called for a show of hands – the majority wanted to keep the meetings on Saturdays. 

The calendar for the year was discussed and a few changes were made. It was noted that Clan meetings are generally for the whole clan. “Council Meetings” are called individually, and council members get a notice either in the mail or by email for a meeting. Though sometimes Council will meet before a general meeting; often they meet on separate days. The council and Chief decide when to hold meetings. 

Sweat Lodges take a lot of preparation; they will not generally be part of our general meetings.  However, if members are interested in having a sweat lodge day, they are asked to please contact Wolf Howling. He is eager to share the ways of the Sweat Lodge and he will set one up and spread the word.

Most of our meetings will be held down at camp. If weather does not permit this, a special notice of where the meeting is will be sent out. Our Pot Luck dinners are the social part of our meetings. They are only successful if everyone brings food – a main dish or dessert. The clan will provide drinks, plates and cutlery.

Specifically, changes to the calendar are as follows:

1) May 25th meeting will be held at Camp (Too Cool for Brunswick)

a) This is a VERY IMPORTANT meeting. PLEASE plan to be at this meeting!

b) This is the meeting where the Clan elects its council and its officers. THIS is a democratic organization. We vote on important issues together.

c) We will also start firming up plans for the gathering – people will be given committee assignments – working on vendors, advertising, grounds, ceremonies, etc

2) June 22nd. It will be held at Brunswick Springs.

a) All who want to caravan to the Springs, meet at Spirit Water’s house at 10:00 (Or meet us there).

b) These are not usually meeting days, but this year we will have a brief meeting.

· Our Gathering plans should be in the final planning stage.

· Everyone on committee should report progress, and if they cannot attend, let Chief know their progress.

c) Then we will clean the stairs and the springs, and if necessary, tidy the site.We will have a few brief ceremonies. (Justin /War Chief, Recognize Stone Tree for being our Fire Keeper, Justin’s Music and Ralph doing a teaching lesson)

d) We will have a campfire and share a big picnic meal. Bring food! 

3) July 27th meeting is a working weekend at the Clan Grounds!

a) All members are expected to come to the grounds sometime this weekend and help with the last prep of the buildings – welcome center, cook shack, chapel and grounds.

b) PLEASE bring tools, your lunch, and energy! Camping overnight is encouraged

c) At this meeting we pass around a supplies list. Each member will be asked to supply something for the gathering– coffee, creamer, paper towels, toilet paper, etc

4)  August 3rd and 4th Clan Gathering is  Discussion at the end of the calendar review.

5) September 28th - our second annual trip to Brunswick Springs.

a) Again, we leave Clan grounds at 10:00. You can follow or meet us there. 

b) We begin by cleaning and clearing the springs, the site area and stairs.

c) We will have a few brief ceremonies. 

d) We will have a campfire and share a big picnic meal. Bring food!

6) October 19th. Our October meeting is generally when we will review the success of the Gathering and start making plans for next year!! Pot Luck of course

7) November and December meetings are “To Be Discussed.” These meetings usually have a trade blanket and / or a gift blanket and are a time of families and reunion. 

Justin Deth shared his plans for an Abenaki teaching at The Thomas Breslin Center in Lyndonville (377 Main Street, 05855) on May 22, from 1:00 to 1:40. He will be sharing stories about the myths of the Big Dipper constellation and others. Please go and support him if you can. He is supported in this by Global Campus, Inc. 

Carol Irons shared the plans for another Abenaki Cultural Regeneration Project. Carol Irons stated that the three day program in June at the Northwoods Stewardship Center will be geared toward adults. She left some applications that may be picked up at Spirit Water’s home or emailed or mailed by request to Gail – 802-535-5173, 


1) Our ad has been placed in the Wandering Bull Powwow Schedule on line.

a) It reads:

“August 3 & 4 30th Annual Clan of the Hawk Powwow 123 Evansville Road Brownington VT Wolf Howling 603-922-5101”

b) To date, there have been no emails or calls to Wolf Howling, so we need to work on advertising a lot harder this year.


a) We need to figure out how we’re going to finance the Powwow. We have a little money in the clan and we need to decide how best to use it.

b) We ask everyone to send in their annual dues. We need money for: turning on the water, paying for electricity for the summer months, tool upkeep and fuel and comsumables for the mower and weedwhacker and wood, paint and such for benches, miscellaneous repairs.

 Advertising can be $0 or 5,000.00 – it is up to us and how much we want to promote this gathering.  We can try to use all free venues or look at others.

·Gail will divide our current Vendor list into three or four lists and they must be contacted by phone. At this late date, not many can come as their schedules have already been planned. We need to contact them in November this year. Gail suggested that to grow the size of the gathering, vendor’s might be offered free sites this year, and be told that next year there will be a fee. There was a discussion of this and a ‘script’ will be provided for those contacting the vendors.

We discussed Fund Raising Ideas

1) Chief Wolf Howling suggested having T-Shirts made for sale – there was general discussion and Chief Spirit Water will check what they will cost from a person who did them for the clan long ago.

2) The creation of greeting cards was suggested by Lana Acting Chief Dan Wolf Howling. There was a general discussion of websites; the exploration of opening a Clan site on Etsy was suggested by Lana Jerome, and the change from our current website to another free site.

3) Lori Ronander works for Verizon and she has volunteered for the Clan for a sufficient number of hours that they will be sending a donation to the Clan soon. Lori sent in the necessary paperwork and Gail documented for her, so it is a done deal.

Lori also has the option of doing a “matching donation” with her company. If she makes a personal donation to the Clan of the Hawk, and this is documented by Verizon, she will be matched with those funds by Verizon. Those moneys are sent quarterly!! Wow, perhaps more of our members can do this if they work for larger companies. 

4) Per consensus, Gail will post the Clan’s Drumming CD on her EBay site and transfer the profits to the Clan as they sell. (An online price was not set yet.)

Treasurer’s reports: There are currently 12 paid members.

Chief Spiritwater turned the clan’s money and financial records to Chief Wolf Howling on March 19, 2019. Then Chief Wolf Howling discovered that he could not open a bank account for a 501c3 organization which is based in Vermont unless he lived in Vermont.

The Clan was asked for a volunteer to be the treasurer until our May elections. Gail volunteered and the financial documents, money and checks were given to her. She will open an account in Vermont within the week and deposit all checks, and bring the financial accounts up to date as soon as possible.

A closing prayer was given and the meeting was adjourned at 12:00 

Submitted by Gail E. Ruggles

May 2, 2019