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2019-05-25 Minutes

Clan of the Hawk Meeting May 25th, 2019  

 Honorary Chief Spirit water opened the CLAN COUNCIL meeting at 11:00. He reviewed the names of those who had been elected to be on the council at the may 26, 2018 meeting: (in alphabetical order) Tom Caffrey, Brad Carlson, Justin Carlson, Justin Deth, Dave Deluca, Dan Duhaime, Jim Hagen George Larrabee and Patty Nolan Chief Spirit water explained the duties on a council member and suggested that members consider serving and we’d vote on the council at the general meeting.  Then Chief Spirit Water asked each of the Council members who were present to share anything they wanted to. George Larrabee reminded us to share one at a time and that the use of the talking stick helps keep order.

Acting Chief Dan Wolf Howling opened the General Clan Meeting. It was called to order at approximately 11:30 am. Justin said the opening prayer.  

Everyone was asked to sign in and those in attendance were: Ralph Swett/ Honorary Chief Spirit Water, Dan Duhaime / Acting Chief Wolf Howling, Rita Koch, Brad Carlson,  Dale Clark, Justin Deth, Robert Hilbern, Donna Huether, Maura Mooney Kelley, Eilis Mooney, George Larrabee, Jacque Lavie, Robert Page, Bonnie Page, Nathan Page, Sandra Page, Evangeline Page, Mark Southland, Bonnie Page, Lori Ronander, Gail Swett, Michael Wellhoff, Marion Page and others.

Acting Chief Dan – Wolf Howling made a brief statement to the Clan, “Honorary Chief Spirit Water and I had a long discussion, and we have decided that with the Clan’s approval and vote, Chief Spirit Water will once again be Acting Chief and I will have the position of Assistant Chief to better learn the ways of the Clan.” He then turned over the meeting to Chief Spirit Water.

We had some special guests, Mr. and Mrs. Helm from Greater Barton Arts Incorporated. They have honored the Clan of the Hawk by inviting us to assist them in preparing their new building’s opening by doing a cleansing and dedication ceremony at 396 Main Street in Barton. The opening day is on June 2nd at 1:00 in the afternoon. Chief Spirit Water, Assistant Chief Wolf Howling and Thunderbear plan to go to this ceremony. Others from the clan are welcome. More information about this very worthwhile organization can be found on Facebook.

Gail gave the treasurer’s report. Of note were: There are fifteen paid members for this year. (Gail Brought membership cards for these members) The clan has 1166.17 in the bank and 160.00 in petty cash. Included in the moneys reported is a 200.00 donation from Brian Dubeau and 54.00 from our bottle Drive.

We will be getting a check from Verizon for 750.00 because of Lori Ronander’s volunteer work with the Clan of the Hawk. It is part of their employee participation program. We will also be getting some matching funds from her donations in the future. 

Jacque Lavie and Michael Wellhoff, who are part of the group NCS II, (Native Cultural Society II) have offered to help with our August Gathering by advertising for us on their website and putting flyers out and more.

Donna Crowfeather, Clan Mother shared that she will be going to the Abenaki Cultural week sponsored by Carol Irons. George Larrabee shared that he had gone to the five day event in 2016 and twice attended the three day events in 2017. He felt that they were very well done and very educational and beneficial to someone wanting to hone their knowledge of the Abenaki ways. Anyone who wants to attend this year’s event (Friday, June 28th, to Sunday 30th) should contact Carol Irons. P.O. Box 298, Albany VT 05820  or call 802-755-6143 or email Carol McGranahan at The event is free but space is limited.

George Larrabee shared that he had gone to a Burlington to a Native American Reenactment. He shared that Governor Scott had signed into law the change from Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day, and declared that May first to fifth now be recognized as Abenaki Heritage Days.

Despite all of our planning and agenda lists, we were all so excited about the plans for the year; we forgot to hold Clan Council Elections! We'll do that when we meet at Brunswick Springs on June 22nd. (We'll meet in Spirit Water's dooryard and caravan there at 10:00 a.m. Or, you can drive straight there.) It will be a full day with site cleaning, ceremony, music and a big picnic pot luck. Translation: BRING FOOD!

We did however manage to vote on our officers: 

Chief: Ralph Swett, Chief Spirit Water

Assistant Chief: Dan Duhaime, Wolf Howling

Secretary/Treasurer: Gail Swett

War Chief: Justin Deth

            We had a long discussion of things we need for the two day Annual Gathering in August.

We discussed the cook shack. The Carlson’s have once again offered to do a Fish Fry on Saturday. The clan members will operated the cook shack on Sunday, serving picnic fare of hot dogs and hamburgers and trimmings.

            Spirit Water emphasized that for a successful gathering (powwow) the ads must go into the big publications in November, and vendors should be contacted by the first of January as that is when they are making their plans for the year. 

            Chief said he will contact Robin of First Light Drum about coming to the August Gathering. Everyone said they will post at least three flyers in their ‘neck of the woods.’ Gail will bring them to the gathering at Brunswick Springs. Everyone will be asked to sign up on the sheet for supplies to bring for the August gathering. Gail will bring this to the Brunswick Springs meet.

            We discussed other venues for advertising: Newspapers, Radio, television and Facebook. It was agreed that we would set a budget of 200.00 for advertising. Our July meeting will be at Camp – and it will be for cleaning and sprucing up the grounds for the Annual Gathering.

            Donna volunteered to set up the sound system and Justin will be our Master of Ceremonies. After the meeting we shared a pot luck picnic. It was, as always, a delicious meal, as the clan has some really good cooks! 

Submitted 5/28/2019