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2019 Clan Brunswick Springs September Gathering

September 28, 2019 Clan of the Hawk Visit to the Brunswick Springs

 Though it was an overcast day, and we experienced a couple of bouts of sprinkles, The Clan of the Hawk and friends had a lovely day at Brunswick Springs.

Our arrival was somewhat tumultuous because someone had maliciously cut down 16 trees in such a way that they fell across the lane to the springs. Fortunately, Stone Tree, on the suggestion of Nathan Pero, had brought his chain saw, and they arrived before most of the others. As Stone cut the trees, Andre cleared the path. As others arrived, they helped clear the wood and branches. When we arrived at the clearing at the top of the springs, another large tree had been downed, nearly filling the clearing. By then, many people were there and everyone pitched in to clear the area.

Soon, Stone Tree had a merry fire going, and chairs were set in a circle. Seventeen people shared the beauty and serenity of the area. Silver Lake was beautiful and the newly turning autumn leaves on the trees around it made the scene picture perfect.

It was discovered that the concrete platform covering the pipes of the springs had also been damaged and Stone Tree and others went down and worked on tidying up the damage. Stone built a temporary dam, so the water would fill the spring pipes and flow correctly again. Plans are being made for a more permanent repair.

So, with all that going on, we didn’t actually ‘sit down’ together until about 12:45. When we did, Clan Mother Donna gave a beautiful blessing, and did a brief teaching about tobacco bundle gifts and another about the medicine wheel or the “Great Round” as it was called.

Then George gave a blessing in Abenaki.

Chief read part of the article “The Curse of Brunswick Springs” from his book.

We laid out a buffet lunch in the “trunk” of Chief’s car and feasted on potato salad, fruit salad, deviled eggs, fresh bakery bread, hot dogs and homemade pies and cookies.

 P.S. We found out later that Bonnie Page and her two girls and a friend of Bonnie tried to make it to the springs and because they were early, they thought that we all could not get in. they went home and missed our gathering. Also, Justin Thunderbear and Everett got to the springs and saw the destruction and tried to contact people from the clan, but we were already en-route and did not have cell service. So we missed the warm friendship of the two of them and Justin’s beautiful music.