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We the members of the Clan of the Hawk, Inc. in Evansville, Vermont feel it is about time to speak out. We are a very large and viable group of Native people of Abenaki descent. There are other groups and individuals of Native American descent in Vermont that are working just as hard to promote our Native Heritage, so isn't it about time that everyone started to pull together and act with dignity to promote the Native American and Abenaki Heritage? If we did it, it would go a long way to making us proud citizens again. Lets all march together for all Native Americans in Vermont.In the last eighteen years we think some of our goals have been met, but we still have a long way to go.

Our track record is open to all who want to see it. We invite anyone who, therefore, who wants to see us to-CHECK US OUT! We love visitors. We love new members and old. We really like those who help, either as volunteers or as donors.There is no secret in what we are striving for: It is to make a better life for all Native Americans in Vermont and by doing so give us all the courage to stand up and say, "We are proud to be of Native American, Abenaki descent."We are going to keep working. Hopefully, closer together in the future, to achieve our goals of being good citizens of Vermont and being true to our Native Heritage, that we are so proud of. "We welcome all Native Americans to come and discuss the issues and your cares. It seems that we should and could be, working together for a common goal, to help our fellow brothers and sisters in the Native Community. This is what we are all working for. Let Great Spirit enter your heart, open up your arms to your Brothers and Sister,” says Chief Spirit Water.   

The Clan of the Hawk welcomes you to Our New Website.

Until March of 2012, we were hosted for free at, but they are no longer offering this service. Then we had our website at Once again, finances intervened and we have moved to this happy spot to save a bit of wampum! We are moving into this new internet headquarters' slowly but surely, and hope you will be patient with our shifting and changing as we get up and running.

We have added several new pages. We hope you enjoy them. If you spot a mistake, please feel free to contact the webmistress on the 'contact us' page.This Website change means that we will now be paying annually for our domain name and web space, so if you can help defray any of these new expenses, donations are always welcome.Clan of the Hawk, Inc. is a federally recognized, all volunteer, non-profit (501(c)(3)organization dedicated to teaching and community service. All donations are fully tax-deductible and proof of our status will be gladly provided with any size donation

The Clan of the Hawk welcomes visitors anytime spring through fall with prior arrangements with the Chief. Scout groups, religious groups, family groups seeking peace and a beautiful spot to spend a day or a week camping can arrange this with the Chief. Fees would depend on the services you might need and the length of stay.