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2013 Summer Gathering of Nations

The Clan of the Hawk’s annual gathering was held

on August 3rd and 4th 2013.

 This year’s theme was “A Gathering of Nations”

 On Saturday there was drumming with dancing, and meetings of the many groups that attended this wonderful event. Many of those who came had trade blankets and there were Native traders displaying their handmade wares.

This year, we had no commercial vendors. The only food vendor will be set up to benefit the clans. This was, at its roots, a Native American event, but everyone was welcome who came to the gates. We encouraged all visitors to take part in the traditional dances, classes and conversations.

It was truly a wonderful time of sharing and understanding. A time for Native Americans to share with others who would like to know about and understand the traditions and beliefs of our country’s “First People.”

We also had many local writers – of news columns, books, short stories, poems, fiction and non-fiction who came and shared their craft. 

We had a good showing for our large book sale, showcasing primarily the books of the Clan of the Hawk, but with hundreds of wonderful second-hand books too!Several teachers took advantage of the wide variety of books and stocked up for the coming school year.

On Sunday we had a ‘bring your pet day.’ Read about the great response to this on our home page. It was a heartwarming event, to say the least and eggzactly what we hoped it would be: fun, interesting and eventful.

Despite off and on rain, (more on than off this year) a wonderful time was had by all. The Clan wishes to thank all who visited and took part, for the donations for prizes, in the bookstore and museum and for spreading the word to others.

The Chief would like to thank all the Clan members who helped to make 2013 Gathering a Gold Star event in the journals of the Clan of the Hawk.

Thank you,

Chief Spirit Water