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“How to” Be a Craft Vendor

At the Clan of the Hawk’s 30th Annual Inter-Tribal Gathering (Powwow).

This is a two day event. You may have a FREE booth here one or both days; both are free. All that we ask is that you donate an item to our raffle table. (It doesn’t need to be huge, but consider what you donate from the perspective of being the winner!) 

Here are the rules:

1. BIGGEST RULE: All goods must be handmade (by you or your family or group, not in China, Hong Kong or elsewhere). In other words, if you bring pre-made nonsense, we will ask you to pack it up. You can stay, but the stuff can’t. (Native foodstuff is good too: Teas, herbs, etc.)

2. This is a rustic campground – so little access to Power. Please plan accordingly. There are restrooms and there is access to water. If you are skeptical of local wells – bring bottled water. (Store nearby.)

3. Camping overnight is permitted (by donation) beginning on Friday Night, and ending Monday Morning. Campers may arrive by five p.m. Thursday and will please exit the grounds by noon on Monday.

4. Vendors need to be set up by 9:00 am each day – as we close the gates to the visitor’s grounds then. BUT... The parking area is very close by, so you can leave things in your vehicle and still get to them during the day.

5. ABSOLUTELY NO DRUGS, ALCOHOL or WEAPONS are allowed – If you make Native items like Bow and Arrows, hatchets, etc., Please let us know ahead of time.

6. If you bring a dog, it must be on a leash and be VERY people and dog Friendly. You must “pick up” after your own dog. 

If you agree to all of these guidelines, attendance is simple!!

Just send Gail Ruggles or Chief Spirit Water at


1. Your name, address and phone number

2. What you make - for our Vendor's list

3. When you will arrive and how long you'd like to stay

4. How big your set up is – so we know how big to make the circle!

 That’s all there is! You will get a response ASAP and will be good to go. See you soon!

If you want to print a copy of this - here's a link to the pdf