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Memorial weekend minutes for the Clan of the Hawk – Held on the Clan Grounds

Meeting was opened by Chief Lone Cloud at 1:30 pm.

Treasurer’s Report: The current treasury balance is 472.00. There has been a 50.00 dollar donation and 6 people have paid their dues.

Chief opened the floor to comments, suggestions and questions.

George Larrabee shared that he and Gail Johnson would be presenting the Abenaki Alphabet in a pictorial pageant; with each letter being presented as an Abenaki word starting with that letter. Gail Ruggles offered to make laminated cards on small sticks that helpers could hold up as a sort of mask. Suggestions were made to do this presentation in sections, throughout the weekend. Other suggestions were to ask the audience to help with the presentation, especially asking children if they would like to be part of it.     

George will also be doing framed copies of some special prints for the                   

Chief mentioned that a few people showed up to move the museum collection from his basement to the Looking Glass Museum. Gail Ruggles said that she and Dave and Corey and Mike would clean and set up the museum on the Third of June.

George mentioned that a lot of Museums are changing part or all of their facilities to be “Interpretive Centers.” Gail found this on Wikipedia:

Interpretation centers are a kind of new-style museum, often associated with visitor centers or eco-museums, and located in connection to cultural, historic or natural sites.  Interpretation centers use different means of communication to enhance the understanding of heritage. To aid and stimulate the discovery process and the visitor's intellectual and emotional connection to heritage, the main presentation strategy tends to be user-friendly and interactive, and often use scene-o-graphic exhibitions and multimedia programs. 

Live presentations of the alphabet and things like that make ours a sort of Interpretive Center!     

Chief mentioned that work needed to be done on the Chapel to restore the bell. The grounds and buildings could use a lot more work. The water is done, thanks to Marvin. July 25th and 26th will be work days to do the final prep for the Gathering. Come at least one day, if not both and offer your services to get ready for this festive occasion. All help is welcome. Everyone can do something! Cleaning, weeding, woodwork, just show up and Chief will find something that suits your talents!

Chief said it was time to elect a new Council (which serves as the Clan Board of Directors). Discussion and voting followed. The Seven Council members are now: John Avila, Donna Huether, George Larrabee, Justin Carlson, Brad Carlson, Caroline Avila and Randy Smith.

Next was the election of officers which are now: Chief Spirit Water, Assistant Chief Randy Smith, Treasurer Andrew Swett and Secretary Gail Ruggles.

Chief announced that he will be going to Montpelier Friday to meet with the attorneys for the Vermont Board of Indian Affairs. Dave Deluca will drive him to Montpelier.

Chief shared that he was disappointed that so few attended this meeting. Gail suggested that meetings be planned for the weekend before or after a holiday, to allow families a long weekend to be together, and possibly allow for better attendance. Discussion followed and it was decided that next year this meeting would be held the weekend after Memorial weekend, so June 6th and 7th.

There was a discussion about the museum, when it would open and how often it would be available. Gail suggested a “Season’s opening” on June 7th, and others suggested an opening ceremony to encourage visitors. John Avila and George Larrabee will work together to do a small presentation and Gail offered to keep the museum open from noon to 4:00 that day. As that is the first Sunday of June, she also offered to have the Museum open the first Sunday of July. The first Sunday of August is during the Clan Gathering.



Memorial weekend minutes for the Clan of the Hawk – Held on the Clan Grounds – 


Chief mentioned that the Vergennes Boy Scout troop will be camping on the grounds on September 12th and 13th, and volunteers are needed to help that weekend.


June 20th, Roberta will give a class on making Dream Catchers and native Rattles. Classes will start at 10:00 and a 5.00 donation is requested for supplies.

Once again the Carlsons have agreed to run the cook shack. This year the main menu will be burgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, French Fries and Fry bread.

Chief asked if there was any thing else we might do to celebrate this 25th Gathering. Gail suggested a birthday cake. She and Caroline will work together to make a “Big” Birthday cake.

Chief asked for volunteers to put together a collage of the photos of the first year of the powwow. Irene and Gail have taken on that project.


Chief asked if there was anything else and with no response, closed the meeting at 2:10.


Submitted 5/26/2015 Gail Ruggles, Secretary