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Just a Bit from the Past

It was truly a wonderful weekend. With beautiful blue skies, piles of white clouds, a warm sun and wonderful friends to fill the grounds,
The CLAN of the HAWK  Presented:

A Powwow on the Clan Grounds in Evansville

 August 4th and 5th, 2012

It may not have been our biggest, but it was certainly very special.

 They day dawned bright and clear with crisp blue skies and high white clouds. A slight breeze off the Willoughby River helped make the high temperatures bearable. 

The gates opened officially at 9:00 and we started the day with storytelling by George Larrabee – who did a a recitation of the Grey Lock. First Light Drum was a most welcome addition to our powwow.  

Intermittently during the day, we had a guest who filled the grounds with the most melodious flute playing ever heard here. The notes could be heard all the way to those taking a toe dip in the river! 

At noon we had the Grand entrance. During the afternoon there were flag dances, blanket dances and a special solo dance by one of the vendor’s daughters.              


At 2:00 the Clan of the Hawk was honored to sponsor a very special ceremony: 

Chief Whitecloud (Reynold Choiniere) of the North American People of the Dawn retired and as he did so, he invested his son Running Deer (Raymond Choiniere) as the new Chief. It was a momentous occasion in their clan and we were very proud to share this day with them. 

Of course, powwow wouldn’t be powwow without the Candy Dance! Many youngsters participated in this learning, sharing, and yummy dance.  More to come… Please check back for pictures of this year’s powwow.


Admission was free to The Looking Glass Museum.
Because of this wonderful anniversary and because of the economy...
(THIS YEAR ONLY)  SET-UP was free for all VENDORS!!! With the beautiful Willoughby River flowing by, it was, and still is a beautiful place to spend a summer weekend with your family!!!

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