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Sacred Grounds of the Clan of the Hawk 

The Buildings on the Sacred Grounds of the Clan of the Hawk took years of building as they were all constructed by Chief Spiritwater and a lot of helpers. : The three main buildings are the Wecome house -(Top right) with front and back porches, the non-denominational Chapel (In the header of this Page), and the Looking Glass Museum bottom right. Each building grew from a dream and a plan. Here is an exerpt from Chief's writings about building the first building: 

"One winter, Les Lane was with me in Florida and we talked about building a camp at the spot where we had a camper for a few years. This was the spot where the Clan of the Hawk Camp is today. We talked about it and I worked up a design while in Florida of how I wanted it to be.

True Value at that time had a lot of bargains to sell closeouts so a tractor load of asphalt shingles came up for sale and I bought it. We roofed the whole store that year and had enough shingles left for the roof of our camp welcome house also. The lumber was what I had saved and saved around there over the years, plus I had all the window and doors from other projects I had done.

We started in, Les and I. We had a lot of help off and on. Fox helped some… Francis and others came and went. Les Lane directed it all. Gilbert was there a lot.  The best part and the worst was making the peak part on the ground and then getting it up to the top of the building. But we did it! It all came together in the end. We had a lot of good times doing it. The back porch was the best place of all to sit.

Francis wired it up and we ran electricity to it underground from the auction Barn. The next year we hooked the water up too. This camp got used a lot for suppers and meeting and such. A few years later we dedicated it and lined the walls and build the cupboards and we have improved it over the years so now it is quite comfortable.

All summer afternoon, Les, Kelly and I would be at the camp entertaining visitors and just enjoying it. Thos were good years. The dogs came down. The kids would bring their goats down in the afternoon. We had a lot of great times there and it was nice when we had our powwows and suppers."

To These main Three, we have added a cook shack, an exhibition booth and fully functional Restrooms. 

The kitchen inthe welcome house is equipped with wood stove, electric stove, and refrigerator. Many, many people have spent the night at the Welcome house and  hundreds have camps on the grounds. 

Though it is an older photo, you can see the layout a bit in the last photo on the right. The Cook shack and exhibit booth are to the right of the Welcome house and the chapel is across from it on the other side of the circle.